Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love Life

Soon Haydn was promoted to the role of Kapellmeister, which was the musical director of a count's small orchestra. He was secure with his job as the director, so he set out to find himself a wife. He first fell in love with a beautiful woman named Therese Keller. Although when she broke his heart, he turn instead to Maria Anna Aloysia Apollonia Keller, her sister.He only continued to entangle himself in the web of confusion when he married Maria. They had an unhappy marriage but could not escape from one another because divorce was unthinkable. So they continued to tolerate each other, however they had no children, and being utterly alone, each of them took separate lovers.

Stuck in a hopeless marriage, Haydn began to write to his friend from Vienna. Her name was Maria Anna von Genzinger, and whom was the wife of a local physician. Joseph soon established a close, personal relationship with her and they wrote to each other many times. When she died prematurely, he was devastated, and his F minor variations were a lamentation of her death.

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