Thursday, March 3, 2011

Symphony No. 38 in C Major

This symphony was composed some time between 1765 and 1769. This coincides with Haydn't role of full Kapellmeister, in the height of his fame and wealth. It can be inferred that he composed this song with good spirits, feeling positive on the way his life was laid out before him.

This piece contains many oboe parts, which suggests that the work's composition may have occured at the same time he employed a famous oboist, Vittorino Colombazzo.

My interpretation of the piece is that it is playful and bouncing. According to the style of that time, it is light and moving. It requires quick, soft fingers and a subtle but distinct phrasing. It is the essence of his time period, a epitaph to the Classical realm of music, and for that I commend the composer.

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